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HEPP first-aid boxes for businesses are equipped in accordance with the current accident prevention regulations and standards and form a further important main pillar of the company.

Furthermore, HEPP's wide range of first-aid bags and boxes, e.g. for outdoor activities like cycling, walking and sailing and a first-aid kit for the household and for travelling, meet the present day individual requirements of the private consumer.

HEPP first-aid materials are not only sold in Germany and Europe, but also in America, Asia and Africa. Initially, HEPP pursued the regular customers in new countries and markets, but meanwhile als establishes its own customer contacts abroad. This internationalisation is accommodated through multi-lingual packaging of the contents and the inclusion of articles which meet country-specific needs in the range.

Responding to customer wishes, as well as many years of experience and HEPP's contacts in trade and industry guarantee for a positive future.