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High visibility waistcoat - DIN EN 471 -compliant

The wearing of high visibility waistcoats at traffic accidents, breakdowns or on construction sites increases the general level of safety and protects individuals in danger zones. A third advantage is that the reflective bands make the wearer more easily recognisable, earlier, at great distances or in the dark.


The German occupational health insurance institutions stipulate that high visibility waistcoats are to be carried in vehicles used in the course of employment and the motoring associations recommend them to be also carried in vehicles for private use (in some European countries there is already a general obligation to carry them in all vehicles).


Our orange-red or fluorescent yellow high visibility waistcoats comply with the general requirements of DIN EN 471 and are made from PVC-coated, water-resistant fabric or from polyester fabric. The waistcoats are available in a washable orange solid PVC protective bag (recommended for frequent use) or in a transparent pouch.