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and fire blankets ready for immediate use in an emergency. In our range we also have special articles for individual industrial areas (e.g. laboratories, chemical industry) such as our first-aid box "Eyes", which is designed for immediate initial treatment of injuries around the eyes.



First-aid box "Eyes"
(Ref.-No. 91095)


First-aid materials / instant eye flushing

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ABS plastic, heat and deformation resistant, impact resistant


Green with red lid and black lettering


L 265 x W 170 x H 85 mm


Approx. 1.5 kg


The contents of this first-aid box include three instant eye flushing bottles, which are suitable for the immediate initial treatment of the eye area. The equipping of the first-aid box is completed by sterile eye pads with eye patch, wound compresses and disposable vinyl gloves. The contents ensure that eye injuries can receive immediate initial treatment. This first-aid box is an appropiate edition to the basic factory first-aid boxes complying with DIN 13 157 or DIN 13 169 as stipulated by the occupational insurance institutions. The first-aid box is supplied with a suitable wall bracket from which it can be removed very quickly.




Stretcher (Ref.-No. 94650)


Folded stretcher, consisting of two sealable aluminium bearers with carrying handles, disinfectant tolerant nylon webbing, two belts for securing the casualty, 4 sliding legs


L 2300 x W 550 x H 137 mm


8 kg