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HEPP plaster dispenser, blue (Ref. No. 93831)

Size: 23 x 13 x 4 cm

Plasters always handy and clear in the blue plaster dispenser made ​​of plastic. Backside with adhesive stripes for easy wall mounting (alternative screw mounting, screws enclosed)

The content is composed of two different sizes:
42 pieces textile plasters  19 x 72 mm
36 pieces textile plasters  25 x 72 mm

The plasters are skin colored and breathable, the adhesive is hypoallergenic and sticks reliable.

You can also order refills for the blue plaster dispenser.
Item 93834 - Refill (19 x 72 mm)
Item 93835 - Refill (25 x 72 mm)

We deliver 6 cards in a box for each size.


HEPP plaster dispenser (Ref. No. 93800)

The Hepp plaster dispenser allows plasters to be produced in individual lengths to suit the injury. The backing material is cut to length by pressing the dispenser lid. At the same time the woundpad is applied to the strip such "producing" a fitting plaster for normal injuries or for finger tip wounds. The plaster dispenser is mounted to allow one-handed operation.









HEPP -Cederroth plaster dispenser (Ref. No. 93983)

The Salvequick plaster dispenser is an ideal addition to the normal HEPP Plaster assortments. It can be very easily fixed to a wall, thus allowing comfortable one-handed access to the plasterstrips. By pulling a plasterstrip out of the dispenser, one of the adhesive foil is peeled off for easy comfort. The plaster dispenser can be equipped with different re-fills i. e. waterproof or detectable plasterstrips.